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Just an update, Kaintai con is Saturday September 6.  I'll be there, so anyone near the Charleston area should totally go and we can meet up and have life changing adventures together.  I'm so hype right now.
I've been busy with a few things and I've let most of my internetly things sit on the back burner.  But soon some stuff is going to go on with me and if that does happen then I'll start up on things again.  Mostly the blog and videos though, but yeah, I haven't died or left the fandom or anything.  You can always keep with me on It's a great site with some great people working on it, and within the next few months, it's going to really kick into high gear.
Watch this video…

Guys I really need y'all to help me, it means the world to me if you would do this.…
It will only take a minute of your time and it could very well mean the difference between being rejected or getting on.  Come on guys, let's win one for Obsession Is Magic.
I'm excitedly working on a new multimedia project that blows all my previous work out of the water.  It will still be a little bit before it's ready to post, but it'll be worth it.  Also anyone waiting on more Blazing Glory can sadly hate more for eternity because it's not coming.  I lost all love for that series because I drove it into the ground and ruined it, it had gotten so far away from my original concept that it had warped into some sort of mutant bastard child, but form the ashes of my horrible failure, I've learned my lessons and Megalomaneia will be all the better for it.  I know I said I wouldn't drop Blazing Glory, but when I have lost the will to write for it, the result wouldn't be pretty.  If anyone is desperately hungry for resolution, shoot me a note and I'll be happy to jot out my original plans for the ending.
Everyone remember Blazing Glory?  Yeah, didn't think so.  Well I sort of went completely off the rails with my writing attempts a while back and more or less focused on doing anything other than writing.  I had a sever case of lazy and no real reason to break it.  But, I've gotten all the stuff that was keeping me from writing done with and now I've gotten the writing bug again.  I've already written chapter 8 of Blazing Glory ("Jungle Fever") and it's currently making it's way through my prereaders.  If everything goes according to schedule and they don't find any major flaws that I need to rewrite, then it should be ready to post next Saturday, maybe sooner, just depends on how fast my editors work.

So you may want to take this opportunity to skim through the earlier chapters to refresh yourself on the story, heck, I had to and I'm the one who wrote it.  Hopefully I'll get these out a bit more regular.

I would also like to point out that I will finish this story, I won't just drop it without having and ending like several authors have done to me in the past (I'm looking at you "With a Heavy Heart"), it might take a while, but I will bring a closure to this story eventually.
Yeah, I'm going way slower with these than I used to, but don't worry, I'm still plodding along.  The Obsession Is Magic takes up a lot of my time and doing episode reviews also takes up a big chunk of my weekends, plus I'm just super lazy and rarely feel like writing.  But I've recently gotten back into a writing mood so I'll try and get the next chapter out soon.  It also takes longer now that i have to run it by my two prereaders then go back and fix anything they point out, but it's definitely better than the rush jobs I did on the first cut of Blazing Glory.  Hopefully you'll agree.  I'll try and get these pumping out faster, but I'm not going to promise anything.  Plus I'll still do more character sketches in the future, but I think I'll try and make those coincide with chapter release, a new chapter, a new pic type deal.  Anyway, thanks to anyone who's actually waiting on these and I hope you continue to enjoy my crazy ideas.
Almost ready to start posting again.  Chapters 1 and 2 are being polished up, sent off to my prereader, and if I do say so myself, looking pretty good.  I'm not going to rush these out, I'll post them when there ready to be posted, so it could still be a week or two before you get a dose of your favorite Christian ponies.

Also expect some more character designs as well.

I hope there are still a few of you out there that are actually waiting for this, and I hope that you won't be disappointed when you get it.  Merry Christmas to all of you!
It might be a little while before the next chapter of Blazing Glory.  Why?  I'm going against what I swore I wouldn't do.  After looking some stats and peoples reactions, I've decided to go back and revamp the story.  Give the whole thing an upgrade.  Now don't expect a completely different experience, I'm going back and adding things/ rewriting where I see fit.  I'm going to try and make it non story impacting (I'm not planning on killing off any characters or anything major like that) but I'll write a a document with all my changes.  

I've gotten lots of feedback about certain parts, characters, and aspects of the story so I'll be trying to keep all of that in mind.

If anyone has any thoughts/ ideas/ criticisms, let me know.  Was there a particular scene that just made you face palm?  Don't like a particular character?  Any plot points that I should talk about more?  Anything that I should explain?  Anything I should add /take out?  Do you have an awesome idea of what you think should happen in the story?

Let me know!  Contact me on DeviantArt with a note or send me an email at or just leave a comment.  Anything would be most appreciated.  Now's your chance to let me know, how you think Blazing Glory could be improved.

P.S  Eternocte, I know I explicitly told you I would never do this and I gave you a long speech why I would't, but if everyone thinks I should who am I to say no.

P.S.S  Did you like the Rainbow rape?  Well guess what?  It's not going to be there in the new version so go save a copy now.

P.S.S.S  I just learned today that I turn off nonChristians and Christians with my story.  I had a conversation with a Christian guy that totally just made me feel like a piece of dirt.  He wasn't mean about it or anything, but I came out of it feeling super depressed.

P.S.S.S  You guys know Faith isn't a sex addict right.  The whole "lets have a threeway" thing was just supposed to be her trying to distract Lyra from moping, then it became a joke between them.  That was one of the above guys complaints, he STOPPED reading my story because of that one comment.

Anyway, have a great weekend and I'll see you guys bright and early Monday.  Also, SKYRIM comes out tomorrow!
Here's a link to a picture of Faith courtesy of the always amazing PixelKitties.…
I'm pretty giddy right now.
I just posted chapter 15 so go read that.  Next chapter will divulge what's happened to our beloved multicolored ponies.  

Also, I just saw a work in progress picture of Faith by PixelKitties.  I'm about to explode to see a final result now.  It was awesome and I can't wait for you guys to see it.
The chapter I posted yesterday was rushed, crammed, and all around lack luster.  I usually do several sweeps through and change stuff and have a friend preread them before posting, but I really wanted to get it out.  I had to get my story back on track so this was an admittedly cheap ending to the Melody flash back.  It was this or a full blow side story.  I may wright about Melody, Diamond Horn, Silver, and Trixie's adventure in a story in the future, but I'll just have to wait and see.  I need to get this done before I even contemplate writing another story.  Once I finish this I've got some ideas for short one shots and also ideas for longer epics.  Depending on how this story goes I may continue writing about Rev and the gang.  I can see them having misadventures and what not.  

Also, for anyone who's interested in seeing our beloved missionaries transformed from word to art, the incredible, amazing, talented, PixelKitties has offered to make some art for me.  Yes, you hear that right.  So be looking forward to that.
Well my begging for bloggers has worked.  We got an incredible poster and I'm in the midst of setting up a second one.  So hopefully with four posters Obsession Is Magic will be able to stay on top of things.  

Now, about my fanfic.  I went for a while without writing, I just couldn't get in the mood, but I started writing again on Monday so I will hopefully have the next chapter done by this Monday.  Hopefully is the keyword.  I'm really trying to streamline this whole flashback and trying to get back to the actual story line as soon as I can.  This will probably be the last chapter about this flashback so 'm going to try and cram the important stuff in.
I run a blog at… really don't have a whole lot of time to post stuff, so I'm going to start asking for help.  If anyone is interested in becoming an author for Obsession Is Magic I would surely appreciate it.  This isn't a contract or anything, just post whenever you feel like it if you find something worth posting.  Authors and Artists are welcome to showcase their work as well.  

Send me an email at if you'd like to join.

Also, if an artist would like to make a banner for our site that would be epic.  I can't pay or anything, but I would be very grateful.  Go here if you want to here me try and persuade you to join our blog even more…
So I'm working on Chapter 14 of Blazing Glory.  When I say "working" I mean I haven't even started it yet.  It could be  awhile before my next chapter comes out but I'll try to get it done as fast as possible.  I'm also really thinking about doing some videos soon.  It probably won't pan out but I've got an idea for a min web series type thing.  I may try and make a trailer for it soon.  Also I can't wait for September 17, Season 2 can't get here quick enough!  

Thanks to everyone that's been reading my story.  I know it isn't all that great, but I'm trying to make it better.  

In case anyone cares here's a quick look at what's ahead for Blazing Glory.  The next chapter will continue with the situation at the end of Life's Sweet Melody.  Then I'll talk about where Melody has been for two years and what she has been up to.  This will probable take the entire chapter, maybe two.  After that it will be time fro Trixie to show up, a chapter or two dealing with her, then finally we will be out of flashback and the group will be ready to go back to Equestria.

I wish I had been alternating between Rev and Melody, instead of just throwing all this in now.  I feel it's probably really distracting from the actual story I was trying to tell, but I've written myself into a hole and I need to explain all this.  

Anyway, If you haven't already go to Equestria Daily and give my story a good rating!…
Blazing Glory is now halfway through Chapter 7.  I know I said I would probably post the first few chapters but I keep going back and adding stuff.  I' almost ready to start releasing some chapters but I may just wait until I have finished the whole thing.  I don't know which way I should do piece it out or one lump post?  I guess I'll figure something out.
To the millions of people, hanging on my every word.  

My fanfic that I am working on is based off of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and is called Blazing Glory.  It will probably be a little grimdark but will have a happy ending, probably.  It featuers four OC ponies.  I know somepeople hate OC ponies but I really don't care.  Some of the best fanfictions I've read have OC ponies.  Example: Fallout Equestria and Better Living Through Science and Ponies.  It isn't just about hese new characters I invented but will focus heavily on the main characters and princess Celestia as well.

It will be an "epic" advenuter about what happens when four foreign missonaires come to the land of Equestira.  I'll give you a hint, bad stuff happens.

I have the first two chapters pretty much done.  I've gone back and added/changed things I don't know how many times.  Both chapters run about eight to nine pages each.  I don't know how long my story will be but I think it will probably end up around ten to fifteen, I realy don't know.  It depends on how much I come up with while writing.

I may post the first few chapters when I feel I am complety done with revisions, maybe after I knock aout chapters three and four.

I have high hopes for this and I hope that somebody will like it when I am done.